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What's all this selfcare talk?

I think the COVID 19 pandemic opened our eyes to how much we neglected ourselves. It forced us to slow down, even for a bit. It forced us to spend more time by ourselves or with family. it was also a very scary experience that required new coping mechanisms and better selfcare.

So what changed for me?

I started making a conscious effort to relax. We live in a society that equates rest with laziness, but that is absolutely not the case. I now understand that it is OK to rest. I still do my best everyday, but I also understand that my best might look different each day.

And which candle am I into right now?

Well it's a given that its from Sinnoscents....

I am really liking Clean Sheets right now. It's a crisp, clean fragrance that easily emanates throughout any space. It's like that first sleep on fresh linen after laundry day.


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