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You Get To Define It...

You get to get to define what your self-care looks like. No really, you do! It does not have to be some lavish trip to the Maldives (but that would be nice, huh?). It can be the small things you do each day to make your life a little easier. It could be a cold shower in the morning, an afternoon walk. It could even be 10 minutes of doing absolutely nothing! It is what you make it.

What do I do for self-care?

Ok, so here are two things I have added to my care portfolio a while back: (I see you judging me; STOP IT)

  1. I use an electric toothbrush: now this is not to say manual toothbrushes don't work (they really do). I just love the feeling of using an electric toothbrush and I think it helps keep my smile at a hundred watts.

  2. I light candles: duh! yes I love candles. They just make me feel better. My favorite candle right now is Staycation from Sinnoscents. Try it!

What can you add to your care portfolio?


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