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Maybe you need therapy...

Have you ever thought to yourself “maybe I need therapy.” Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that thought. I am here for the openness with which we all now talk about therapy, and what our therapist said, and how enlightened we feel after each session. I also love how much more accountable we can become once we are willing to admit the role that we play in our own frustrations. So, I've been going to therapy for quite some time. It's not that I think anything is wrong with me, (there probably is though), but I like getting a different perspective from someone who has no vested interest in my feelings, someone who unreservedly holds me accountable for all my behaviors. This is also one of the ways in which I practice self-care: knowing that I have a space that allows me to be my true self, where I am not concerned about how I'm perceived, where I'm not being anything to anyone, where I can just be. You should try it!


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